Noise Cancelling podcast episode 4: Huawei P40, PS5 and extortionate webcams

Noise Cancelling podcast
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The Noise Cancelling podcast is back for its fourth episode, and if you somehow missed it in previous weeks, here's a proper recap on our new weekly show.

Noise Cancelling is your listen into the world of tech, giving you the info you need to know about what's happening in technology.

This new podcast isn't just from TechRadar though as it includes our colleagues from sister sites Laptop Mag and Tom's Guide. It's presented by Gareth Beavis (Global Editor in Chief of TechRadar) and features Sherri L. Smith (Editor in Chief of Laptop Mag), as well as TechRadar's Vic Hood and the irrepressible James Peckham.

Week four: $170 webcams

Our fourth episode of Noise Cancelling features chat on the newly announced Huawei P40 family and the Nokia 8.3 5G. Plus we dive into the labs where we take a look at the new iPad Pro as well as compare the new MacBook Air with the Dell XPS 13.

Unpopular opinions this week is all about webcams and how you will struggle to find one... but you may be able to find one particular model for a whopping $150. Listen to the episode below to find out why you may want one.

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