New Xbox Series X update will soon let you see your Quick Resume games list

Xbox Series X
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An upcoming update for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S is set to make it easier to see your Quick Resume games list.

Currently being tested by Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead Insiders, as part of the Xbox Insider program, this new update allows players to see what games are stored in the Quick Resume, via a new list under 'Groups'. 

In addition, players will also be able to check if the game they're playing supports Quick Resume, by going to the Guide menu. If a game supports Quick Resume, it should say so in the top right-hand corner.

Xbox's Quick Resume feature was introduced with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S and allows players to store a number of games in a suspended state. So, instead of having to completely reboot a game when you turn your Xbox off, you can instead jump straight back in to where you left off - if the game supports this feature.

To date, the difficulty has been that players have no indicator of which games are being stored in Quick Resume, and there's a limited amount which can be stored at a time. If you're playing a lot of games, then, it's somewhat a roll of the dice as to which ones have been suspended.

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But that's not all

This new Xbox update also offers players a new option to enable audio passthrough with media apps, which should allow for higher quality audio, and implements both system and UI fixes.

Microsoft hasn't shared when it expects to roll out this update to all Xbox Series X/S players, but we imagine it won't be for a little while yet - perhaps a few weeks.

The last big Xbox update addressed a long-standing issue on Microsoft’s platform: slow download speeds. That update was rolled out to Xbox Insiders in March, before rolling out to players in April - so we're expecting a similar wait time for this update.

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