New NBN provider Superloop promises the fastest download speeds in Australia

(Image credit: NBN)

Although Superloop is a relatively new Aussie retail service provider (RSP), the company has started strong with claims of the fastest typical evening speed available for an NBN100 plan and an intro deal on its NBN50 offering.

With just two different plans available on each speed tier, Superloop makes up for its lack of choice by offering a 90Mbps typical evening speed on its top tier, and 44.4Mbps on its NBN50 option (the fastest claim we found was 45Mbps by both Kogan and Vodafone).

While there are various ways to measure the performance of an NBN connection, taking the average download speed during the evening hours (7pm - 11pm) is the best indicator of how a service will handle the peak periods for streaming and other download-intensive activities.

Each speed tier is available with either a 500GB data limit, or unlimited data usage at an additional cost. It's worth mentioning that all of Superloop's plans are month-to-month as well, so there's no lock-in contract to worry about, and you can even change your data plan or speed tier monthly.

For a limited time, you can knock AU$5 off your monthly bill for the life of your NBN50 plan, so long as you sign up before January 31, 2020 and don’t change to a different plan.

If you’d like to compare how Superloop stacks up against other RSPs in a similar price range, check out our comparison table below. In both comparison charts, we've sorted providers by their typical evening speed.

NBN100 plans

NBN50 plans

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