New LG V30 update brings AI features and a name change

LG V30 ThinQ

LG V30 owners sour about the debut of the smarter LG V30S ThinQ don't have to feel so forgotten anymore, as the AI upgrade that comes built into the V30S ThinQ is starting to reach the V30 as well. 

V30 users on Verizon can update the software on their phone, and it will install AI features and re-name the phone to LG V30 ThinQ, reports Droid Life.

AT&T users received a similar update for the LG V30 in March. LG had previously announced that it's ThinQ AI would be coming to the LG V30, and it appears that it's keeping that promise. This update brings one more phone to the ThinQ brand LG has established, which includes the previously mentioned LG V30S ThinQ and the upcoming LG G7 ThinQ

What's in the upgrade?

The ThinQ upgrade may not help the LG V30 catch up to rivals that are now running on the latest Snapdragon 845 chipset, but it will offer some new features in the camera department. QLens will give the LG V30 ThinQ a scanning function, making it easy to look up an item on Amazon or Pinterest or to scan a QR code.

AI Cam will serve as a buffed version of the normal Auto mode in the camera app. It attempts to use AI to recognize what it's looking at and tweak camera settings to get the best photo possible. It can be helpful, though it's not entirely fool-proof, as we learned during our review of the LG V30S ThinQ.

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