New iPhone X color may be coming soon, but what could it be?

Today you can only buy the iPhone X in two colors, but we can likely expect some new ones in the future considering Apple is prone to having three or more colors for each of its phones.

That may happen sooner rather than later, as a new report from rumors site Mac Otakara says Apple is looking to "restore sales" of its most expensive phone with a new color option.

The site doesn't share any details about who shared the information, what color it will be or when it will be announced, but we have previous information that may answer those last two questions.

A third choice

Earlier this month, reliable leaker Benjamin Geskin had already suggested Apple was looking to release a Blush Gold version of the iPhone X.

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That may well be the shade we see the company release to reinvigorate sales, considering the current Silver and Space Grey colors are a little dull and this would give those looking for a bolder color choice an option.

As for a release date, we know Apple is holding an event on March 27 (that's tomorrow) that will likely see a new iPad 2018 and some other smaller announcements.

Apple may mention the new shade of iPhone X during the conference, but if not it's the kind of news the company might announce separately, so it could come in the next few weeks or months with little fanfare.

James Peckham

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