New iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9 are now officially on sale

The new iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9 are officially on sale from today, meaning you can walk into a store and pick one up right now.

Of course, if you don't fancy the trip to an Apple Store, you can also purchase the new tablets online - although current delivery estimates are 2-3 weeks in the UK and 7-10 business days in the US and Australia.

Prices for the smaller iPad Pro 11 start at $799 (£769, AU$1,229) for the Wi-Fi only, 64GB model, but can rise to a lofty $1,699 (£1,669, AU$2,569) if you opt for the 1TB of storage plus Wi-Fi and cellular configuration.

Unsurprisingly, prices get even bigger if you fancy the 12.9-inch display iPad Pro, which starts at $999 (£969, AU$1,529) and rises all the way to $1,899 (£1,869, AU$2,869).

Added cost

However, if you want to get the full iPad Pro experience you'll need to pick up the new Apple Pencil ($129, £119, AU$199) and smart keyboard case ($179/$199, £179/£199, AU$269/AU$299) separately as well - adding further expense.

It may pay to hold off on the accessories though. We expect third parties to shortly launch their own takes of the keyboard case, which may come in at a lower price point.

Indeed, Gareth Beavis, UK Editor-in-Chief, reviewed the iPad Pro 11 for TechRadar and recommends holding off on the keyboard case purchase, while caution is required when buying the Pencil. Apple's original Pencil stylus is not compatible with the new Pro slates, so ensure you're selecting the second generation Pencil before parting with any cash.

John McCann
Global Managing Editor

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