New iPad (2019) is out now at an affordable price

New iPad 2019 review
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Apple’s latest iPad – which for clarity we’re calling the new iPad (2019) – is in stores as of today (September 30), and by Apple standards it’s rather affordable.

Available now from Apple and elsewhere, it starts at $329 / £349 / AU$529 for a model with 32GB of storage, rising to $429 / £449 / AU$689 for 128GB of storage.

If you haven’t read up on the new iPad (2019) already, those prices and storage sizes should give you a hint that this isn’t a high-end slate; but then not everyone needs a high-end tablet, and you're still getting a decent amount for your money.

Bigger and better, but only slightly

It has a larger 10.2-inch screen than its predecessor with smaller bezels, and it supports both the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard (though these of course are sold separately).

Its A10 Fusion chipset, meanwhile, should offer reasonable if not top-end power, but it lacks Face ID, coming as it does with an older design than the likes of the iPad Pro 11 (2018), featuring a home button and Touch ID.

We haven’t put the new iPad (2019) through our full review process yet, but in our hands-on review we concluded that it’s a fairly minor refresh, although one that comes in at a decent price. So it could be worth a look if you want iPadOS on a budget, and with a bigger screen than the iPad mini (2019).

If you’ve already pre-ordered the slate it should be with you today (or already if you're reading this after September 30), and if you haven't pre-ordered you can now pick one up immediately; if you’re not in a hurry, though, you might still want to wait for our full verdict on the affordable new iPad.

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