New Batman game teaser hints at the villain ahead of likely PS5 and Xbox Series X reveal [updated]

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Update 2: A new teaser image has been released, which you can see below. Presumably these are Gotham City rooftops. You can access this by typing in 971 on the teaser site, assuming you also entered yesterday's code, 761. You also get a message saying 'Face Two Face' on the website, which we've screengrabbed above. Sounds like Batman to us...

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Update: A series of countdown timers on the teaser website suggest a full reveal for the new Batman game is coming later this week. In the meantime, someone has been able to download the following teaser image, which you can download too by heading to this site and typing in 761. It looks like new codes will be required each day this week ahead of DC FanDome

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Original story: A new teaser for what's expected to be the next Batman game has been released by developer Warner Bros Montreal. It shows a symbol for what appears to be The Court of Owls, one of the biggest modern DC Comics villains, and an Illuminati-like organization that runs Gotham City from the background.

Last week, a story from Eurogamer discussed a previous report that said the game is called Gotham Knights based on a registered URL, and mentioned again that it's in development for next-gen consoles.

The game will be revealed at this week's DC FanDome livestream event. A teaser website is also live, which provides the message "We have been expecting you", with tomorrow's date listed. Expect more teasers as the week goes on. 

Pause at the 13-second mark, and you'll see an image that seems to point fairly firmly at the Court of Owls:

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Previous villains of the Batman: Arkham games included The Joker and Doctor Hugo Strange, along with most of the Dark Knight's Rogues Gallery. The Court of Owls would certainly be a nice change for the series' return.

Warner Bros Montreal previously made the solid Arkham Origins, but that was almost seven years ago, so it'll be interesting to see what a new spin on the series will look like from that studio.

When will the next Batman game be revealed?

The DC FanDome panel for Warner Bros Montreal's untitled game is set for 10.30AM PDT this Saturday. The description reads: "Gamers! You won’t want to miss this first look at an exciting new game, and Q&A with its developers."

It'll last for 20 minutes.

The last new Batman game, Arkham VR, was released all the way back in 2016, so it's about time for a new one.

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