New Apple Watch SE 2 leaks reveal specs, design and price tags

The face of the Apple Watch SE
The original Apple Watch SE (Image credit: Future)

It's quite the day for Apple Watch leaks: following on from some news about the development of the Apple Watch 8, we've also got details of what we might be able to expect when it comes to the more affordable Apple Watch SE 2.

This all comes from iDropNews and its sources, and it's really the first big dump of leaked information we've seen around this wearable. Up to now, we haven't heard many rumors about the successor to the Apple Watch SE that launched in 2020.

It sounds as though the Apple Watch SE 2 will get the same S7 chip that's in the Apple Watch 7. The current model is powered by the S5 that we saw in the Apple Watch 5, so we're talking about a significant speed boost this time around.

What's more, always-on display technology is coming to the Apple Watch SE 2 this year, iDropNews says. The internal speakers are apparently being upgraded too, and the watch is said to be getting ECG recording functionality (available on the Apple Watch 4 and later).

Design and pricing

As for the design, that is apparently not changing at all – the now standard size options of 40mm and 44mm will remain, as will just about everything else about the aesthetic of the smartwatch. That's no real surprise at this stage, and the only material the smartwatch will be available in will be aluminum.

Getting to the all-important price details, according to the sources speaking to iDropnews the watch will get a $20 price bump in the US and start at $299. At the moment, you can pick up the current model for $279 / £249 / AU$429 and up.

That's apparently due to inflation, but the whole point of the Apple Watch SE line is to offer an affordable alternative to the flagship model. Apple is going to want to make sure that the price point remains as low as possible for the next model.

Other leaked details: the Apple Watch SE 2 will apparently have the same battery life as its predecessor, so around 18 hours between charges. It may have the same fast charging technology as the Apple Watch 7, but it doesn't look like it will have a blood oxygen sensor. We should see the new smartwatch around September time with the Apple Watch 8.

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