Netflix Rs 199 mobile-only plan: Who is it for?

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Netflix recently announced (opens in new tab) its specially crafted mobile-only plan for the Indian consumers. The new plan is priced at ₹199 which is the most affordable Netflix has ever been. Taking this aggressive pricing at the forefront, the streaming giant wants to reach the hands of a college student or a home-maker in every tier-2 city of India.  And with more than 13 Originals films and nine series in development, the company doesn’t seem to be backing out anytime soon.

The mobile-only plan is a result of the audience findings which revealed that Indians watch more content on their phones more than anywhere in the world. Lo and behold! The new Mobile plan that costs as much as ₹199 (~$2.90) and allows streaming and download in SD (480p).

Let’s take a look at all the Netflix plans available in India.

Netflix India subscription plans 2019

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Netflix currently has four subscription plans in its Indian roster-- Mobile, Basic, Standard and Premium. New users can continue to avail a month of free service by signing up and the fee will be deducted from second month onwards. 

Netflix Mobile plan: The base and the most affordable plan costs ₹199 and lets a viewer stream and download movies and shows in SD. This plan only allows single-screen streaming at any given time with no support for screencasting.

Netflix Basic plan: The difference between mobile-only and basic plan is that with the latter, a viewer can stream Netflix on their laptops or TVs, though in standard definition. It is priced at ₹499.

Netflix Standard plan: At ₹649, this plan offers HD (1080p) viewing on two screens simultaneously, in addition to the same set of features as the basic plan. 

Netflix Premium plan: The maxed out Netflix subscription costs ₹799 and offers UHD (4K) streaming on four screens at the same time.

Which Netflix plan should I subscribe to?

So with four plans, it boils down to how you access Netflix daily. If you enjoy binge-watching shows on your smartphone, the mobile-only plan is tailor-made for you. Not only is the Netflix mobile app more optimized, but it also has speedier loading time.

But if you are someone who takes pleasure in watching a Netflix Original on a big screen such as laptop or TV, the Standard plan will be the best option.  This plan also supports casting to Netflix supported televisions from phones or tablets. 

Having said that, the best option is perhaps to share the cost of the Premium plan, split across four ways. That makes it ₹200 per month. The trick, however, is to find those remaining three people!

Siddharth Chauhan is the Consumer Technology Reporter at Digit India. He used to work as an Assistant Editor at TechRadar India