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Intempo's RDi-W: iPod speaker with Wi-Fi radio

The Intempo RDi-W - WiFi radio for your iPod
The Intempo RDi-W - WiFi radio for your iPod

If you really want to dock your iPod on a speaker with built-in internet radio, you'll soon be able to do just that.

Intempo's RDi-W looks to be the first such device to hit the high street, and promises "easy access to global radio in hi-fi quality sound."

What, no DAB?

Although the radio feature should probably support DAB, it weirdly doesn't – but the dock does include standard FM coverage as an afterthought, and the internet radio can be piped through the included LAN connection, or wirelessly.

The dock cranks out its tunes on a 30 watt speaker with integrated sub-woofer, as well as an SD reader and USB port to play even more stored music if you want.

Intempo tells us the RDi-W is compatible with the whole iPod range, but won't charge the iPod Shuffle.

It'll cost around £170, and should be available at the end of September.