Moto Z4 won't be launching outside the US and Canada

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After the Moto Z3 didn't launch in the UK, we weren't expecting the Moto Z4 to launch in a wide variety of countries, but that fact has now been confirmed by Motorola.

The flagship Moto Z4 handset was launched in the US earlier this month, and at the time Motorola didn't share any details on whether it would be coming to other countries outside the US.

A spokesperson for Motorola told TechRadar, "The Moto Z4 will only be available in the US and Canada as the franchise is very strong in North America and an important part of our 5G strategy in the U.S., which we developed with Verizon in the US only."

The statement continues, "So far Moto Z4 will be available in NA [North America] only, but we continue to evaluate if the Moto Z4 will be available in other markets.

"Our portfolio decisions are made on a geo by geo case and are based on a variety of factors, including consumer and market needs, carrier partners, and more."

Although the company is keeping the door open to a potential release outside the US and Canada, it does seem like the company is certain it won't be launching it elsewhere.

That means if you're after a recent phone from Motorola, you'll be limited to the Moto G7 series or the Motorola One Vision in countries like the UK and Australia.

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