Sony Ericsson releases three new phones

As reported here a few days ago, Sony Ericsson has released a slew of new phones to help revive the brand amid flagging profits.

The W902, the W595 and the W302 are all new additions to the SE family, and appear to be the oft talked about Remi and Feng codenamed devices previously seen in the wild.

The W902 candybar, a 3.5G HSDPA device, features a bright 2.2inch screen, with a 5MP snapper welded to the back. Apparently it also has 'retro keys' for music navigation… whether this just means standard keys, we're unsure, but the picture certainly hints at that.

The device comes packed with and 8GB M2 memory card for music et al, though this can be expanded.

The W902 is obviously the high-end handset of the three, with the best camera and the greatest range of features on the device, including the usual motion sensitive auto-rotate and GPS for geo-tagging of snaps.


The W595 slider also comes with 3.5G, a 2GB memory card, a shareable headphone port so more than one can listen to the music (hopefully helping to end the curse of bus-listening to others' music) and a 3.2MP camera.

This one also houses the shake control seen on the W910i, which may be fun but in reality seems a bit useless.


The final addition to the set, the W302 candybar, is at the low end of the pack, coming in on the EDGE networks.

However, SE has clearly been to work on the aesthetics of this one, with a 10.5mm brushed aluminium body to attract users not too bothered about a packed feature list.

It has a 'fantastic' 2MP camera (what makes it so good? We're looking forward to a hands on to find out whether it can see round corners or something) and a 512MB memory card in the box, although this can obviously be expanded.

SE has focused on the music playing aspects of this device, suggesting you buy it with some speakers, so you can "plug them into your music mobile phone and you are ready to be the king or queen of the party and dance to your heart's content."

Or the back of the bus again.

All three will be available in Q4 this year, though early reports are filtering through this is likely to be around October.

No word on pricing or carriers yet, but we'll keep you posted.

Gareth Beavis
Formerly Global Editor in Chief

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