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Philips' new phone uses an AAA battery

The Philips Xenium X250 with battery compartment
The Philips Xenium X250 with battery compartment

Ever thrown a mobile phone down the drain when you ran out of battery at a crucial moment? Well, us neither... but even if you did, Philips' new Xenium X530 has the answer.

Simply plop in a standard AAA battery and you'll be good for an additional 2.5 hours of talk time and another week of standby.

It's worth noting that the Philips Xenium range is famed for having one of the longest lifetimes out there - up to a month on standby from a single charge.

More juice

Which makes it curious to see the company (which is licensed from the big Dutch brand by a company out in Asia) deciding that more power is needed. If anything, the feature should be used to power thirstier phones, but we love it nonetheless.

The battery is inserted at the bottom, giving the handset a curious bulge. Thankfully, it's out of the normal hand placement zone, so it's unlikely to be a hindrance.

The battery compartment is clearly the biggest draw, as the other specs include a 2MP camera, Bluetooth stereo connectivity and FM radio, with a microSD slot thrown in for good measure.

If you fancy getting your hands on one, they'll be available from March, although it's likely you'll have to import them into the UK.