Toshiba launches P770 and P775 laptops packing 3D webcams

Toshiba's latest 3D laptops pack in 3D webcams
Toshiba's latest 3D laptops pack in 3D webcams

Toshiba has unveiled its latest 3D-toting laptops, the Toshiba P770 and P775, both of which pack in 3D webcams, and the Satellite L-Series with 3D playback capabilities.

Does the inclusion of 3D webcams speak of 3D Skype video chats to come? It's a scary but unsurprising prospect.

Skype does not yet support 3D webcams, but TechRadar has put a call in to Skype today, following Toshiba's latest laptop announcements, to find out how soon we might expect to see such a feature supported on the popular VoIP service.

Meanwhile, the 3D tech in the new Toshiba L and P series laptops is pretty standard stuff, with pricing expected to be announced soon.

3D or not 3D, that is the question

Toshiba's all new Satellite P-series laptops are top of the range affairs, available intwo screen sizes: the Satellite P755 and P759 are 15.6-inch laptops, while the Satellite P770 and Satellite P775, feature slightly larger 17.3-inch screens.

As well as the P-Series laptops, Toshiba has unveiled its new Satellite L-series notebooks today.

These feature 2D-to-3D image conversion and external 3D playback, with integrated Onkyo speakers to "deliver immersive sound to match stunning visuals".


"Available in a choice of three screen sizes and a range of configurations, each model features impressive hardware specifications, including the latest Intel or AMD processors, dedicated Nvidia graphics on selected models, as well as a selection of premium 3D features," continues Tosh's release.

Toshiba will let us know more about UK pricing for the new Satellite L-series and P-series, both of which will be available from late April 2011.

Adam Hartley