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School is about to get a whole lot more bearable for students in Los Angeles: Apple just scored a massive $30 million deal to provide 47 campuses in the area's Unified School District with iPads.

The first part in a plan to equip every LAUSD student with an Apple-made tablet by 2014, the Board of Education's 6-0 decision should net Cupertino many more millions down the road.

According to the L.A. Times, the iPad "received the highest scoring by the students and the teachers" who tested various devices. Microsoft attempted to sway the board towards using more than one product and platform, but district staff successfully argued Apple's stuff was simply better.

If you're a little jelly that you or your child won't be getting an iPad from school, then consider this: The LAUSD will pay $678 per tablet, or $179 more than the standard iPad. The district's slates do come packing education software and apps like iWork, however.

While the teachers union president argued that the $30 million would be better spent rehiring staff, the board ultimately weighed having students prepared to take state and national tests on computers as the right route.

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