Survey finds 45 percent of respondents ticked off at iPad 4

Apple's fall from grace?
Apple's fall from grace?

While a lot of excited surrounded Apple's iPad 4 announcement, a recent survey found that nearly half of current iPad owners are livid.

According to a study conducted by Toluna QuickSurveys of 2,000 iPad owners, 45 percent of respondents were disgruntled by the iPad 4's announcement so soon after the launch of the iPad 3.

The third-gen tablet, often called the "new iPad," launched in March.

While the survey didn't poll for reasons why users were angry, a common sentiment seems to be the feeling that older iPads are rendered obsolete by the new tablet.

The iPad 4, by the way, improves on the iPad 3 with its A6X processor, which Apple claimed is twice as fast as the chips found in older iPads.

It also features a 1.2-megapixel HD camera for FaceTime over the previous 0.3-megapixel lens and makes use of the new 8-pin Lightning port that launched with the iPhone 5.

iPad mini changes minds

Of course, while the iPad 4 improves on its predecessors in some ways, iOS 6 continues to work on existing iPads along with all iPad apps. The iPad 2 and iPad 3 are still just as functional as they ever were.

In fact, they are so functional that the brand new iPad mini is nearly spec for spec a miniaturized iPad 2.

As for attitudes towards the iPad mini itself, the survey found that attitudes toward the smaller tablet are more positive.

Fourteen percent of respondents said that they will definitely buy an iPad mini, while 32 percent said that they probably will.

That makes 46 percent who are interested in having an iPad mini of their own, while 21 percent of the total expressed plans to buy one as a gift.

Despite the chagrin, chances are most Apple customers won't stay mad long enough to keep away from the latest launches.

Via Toluna QuickSurveys