Surface Pro 3 update smooths over Pen and power problems

Surface Pro 3

Microsoft has pushed out yet another update for its Surface hybrids – there have been a lot of those over the past month or so – and this time, it's the older Surface Pro 3 which is getting some more attention.

This firmware update applies a couple of fixes to devices which have upgraded to the new Anniversary Update for Windows 10.

Specifically, it consists of two patches, one of which tweaks the Surface Pen settings to improve stability with the new version of Windows 10 (presumably addressing minor problems the Anniversary Update introduced).

Power up

The other fix, to the Surface Pro UEFI, is the more interesting one as this is targeted at improving both performance and stability "when changing between power states".

Given that Microsoft was recently talking about a software patch for the long-standing problem with the Surface Pro 3's battery longevity affecting some users, there's been speculation that the second fix could address this very issue.

However, from what we've read online, this isn't the case – SP3 owners plagued by the battery issue are saying the firmware update hasn't made any difference. And anyway, because it's a biggie, you'd think that Microsoft would have specifically mentioned solving this issue in the firmware update notes, if indeed it had been put to bed.

Via: Neowin

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