Samsung and Microsoft may be planning monster 13-inch tablets

Surface Pro
Are larger tablets the future? Microsoft and Samsung seem to think so

New rumours have surfaced claiming that both Samsung and Microsoft are planning on releasing large 13-inch tablets.

Reports coming out of South Korea suggest that not only is Samsung working on a large screen tablet, but that it might also launch as soon as the end of this year.

According to the rumours Samsung may use an LCD display on the 13-inch tablet, rather than the Super AMOLED it uses on its Galaxy Tab S series of tablets.

Microsoft goes large

Microsoft is also said to be working on a 13 or 14-inch tablet. Both the Korean and Redmond companies have apparently been keen on creating larger tablets since the success of Microsoft's own Surface Pro 3.

The 12-inch Surface Pro 3 proved to be a success for Microsoft, with an increase in revenue for its Surface business rising by 127% compared to last year.

It looks like Microsoft is trying to recapture this success by chasing the business market with another large professional tablet.

Other companies are also considering larger tablets. Apple is working on its long rumoured iPad Pro, which will emerge next year with a 12.2-inch display.

Apple is also said to be contemplating discontinuing the iPad mini, with the Cupertino company presumably acknowledging that there is a larger demand for big-screen tablets, whilst phablets such as the iPhone 6 Plus cater for people who want tablet features on a (relatively) smaller screen.

Sony is also rumoured to be working on a 12-inch tablet, meaning that most tablet manufacturers are looking at increasing their tablet sizes in a bid to reinvigorate sales.

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