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Microsoft Surface Pro returns to retail stores in limited quantities

Microsoft Surface
It's easier to spot Bigfoot than find a Surface Pro in stock

Microsoft has not made it easy for eager customers to purchase the Surface Pro tablet, but now's the time if you've been holding off.

The 128GB Surface Pro popped back into Microsoft's retail stores for another round of limited quantity sales on Friday, according to a report from CNET.

The Windows 8 tablet sold out quickly when it debuted in the U.S. in February, and it's been a rare find ever since.

Despite its return to retail stores, though, the Surface Pro is still sold out on Microsoft's online retail portal.

Call first (duh)

Microsoft has been working hard to get the Surface Pro back onto shelves ever since its debut.

Nevertheless, high demand has kept the Pro model off shelves for the better part of this month.

CNET reported on Friday that Microsoft retail stores in California, Massachusetts and New York had stock of the 128GB Surface Pro, but that other stores did not.

Obviously, you should call your local Microsoft store if you're thinking of heading out to pick one up.

What of the rest?

Meanwhile, Microsoft's Surface RT model has expanded out to retail locations other than Microsoft's own.

Back in December, Microsoft's general manager of Surface tablets, Panos Panay, said, "We've increased production and are expanding the ways in which customers can interact with, experience and purchase Surface."

Hopefully, that extends to the Surface Pro soon as well.