Microsoft Stores offering reservations for Surface launch day buyers?

Microsoft Surface RT
Microsoft's retail stores may be the best way to get a Surface on launch day

Microsoft begins selling the Surface RT next Friday, but if you're concerned about the $499 and up tablet selling out on launch day, you might be able reserve one at a Microsoft retail store.

CNET reported Friday that an eager Surface buyer was able to procure a reservation pass from his local Microsoft Store in Oregon.

The pass guarantees a tablet as long as the purchaser shows up prior to 12 p.m. PDT Oct. 26.

Online, there's currently a ship date of three weeks for the cheapest model after the initial batch of preorders are sold out.

Your tablet, reserved

According to Windows Phone-centric website WPCentral, a member of its forum was able to pick up the reservation pass, which promises "your Surface will be ready for you to purchase" before noon on launch day.

The same forum member claimed the Microsoft Store employee who assisted in making his reservation had a stack of between 150 and 200 passes, with the lucky poster nabbing number 002.

Microsoft has yet to comment on how it plans to handle reservations, so it's unclear if this particular store was acting on its own or following corporate policy.

While the entry-level $499 32GB Surface RT is sold out online, bundles for the $599 32GB and $699 64GB models, which come complete with Touch Cover, are still showing delivery by Oct. 26.

The Touch Cover alone costs $119.99 and while the Type Cover, home to more physical keys, is bumped to $129.99.

Eager Surface buyers might want to call the Microsoft Store in their area before venturing out to pick up a reservation pass, especially with only 23 stores spread over 14 states.

Via CNET, WPCentral