Kindle Fire UK release date: Amazon still keeping quiet

Kindle Fire UK release date, Amazon still keeping quiet
Kindle Fire UK release date, Amazon still keeping quiet

Amazon has told TechRadar that there is still no update on when the Kindle Fire tablet will be landing on British shores.

The Kindle Fire has been a phenomenal success in the US, with the $200 (around £126) device proving hugely popular.

However, the UK has still not been given a release date for the Fire – or indeed any official word on whether it will be arriving at all.

Nothing to announce

"We don't have anything to announce today [in terms of the Kindle Fire arriving in the UK] but from a US perspective we know that our customers love Kindle Fire and are really excited about it," said an Amazon spokesperson.

Kindle Fire - coming to the UK at all?

In the meantime, Amazon has launched the Kindle Touch in this country, retailing at £169, which may give an indication as to how the Kindle Fire will be priced.

Currently in the US the cheapest entry level Kindle is priced at $79, the Kindle Touch WiFi is at $99, the Kindle Tough 3G comes in at $149 and the Fire at $199.

In the UK, The Kindle is £89, the Kindle Touch £109, the Kindle Tough 3G £169 which would suggest that the Kindle Fire will be priced at between £209 to £229.

That's obviously significantly more than you would pay in the US, but still one of the cheapest tablets on the market, with heavy subsidies from Amazon.

That is, of course, if the company decides to release it in Britain or wait until later generations – with the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 rumoured to be nearing production.

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