iPad mini accounts for 60% of iPad sales in early 2013

iPad mini takes gold in iOS sales, accounts for 60% in early 2013
iPad mini - we'll take two

Update: When Gartner said that the iPad mini was responsible for 60% of iOS sales in the first quarter of 2013, what it actually meant was that the iPad mini was responsible for 60% of iPad sales in the first quarter of 2013.

Which is significantly less exciting. The analyst house stands by the rest of its stats, however, which you can read below.

Original story continues below:

The figures come from Gartner's regular look at the global devices market, totting up sales of smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs.

We're still going crazy for tablets, the figures suggest, but buyers' focus is shifting from premium slates to cheaper options, with Garner saying that basic tablets like the iPad mini and Google Nexus 7 are expected to shoot up in popularity even more quickly than expected.

Life cycles of the rich and famous

But the analyst house also sees demand for both tablets and smartphones slipping as people opt for devices that will last longer and need upgrading less frequently.

Things are still looking fairly gloomy for PC and laptop sales, which have slipped further, although 'Ultramobiles' like Ultrabooks, hybrid devices, Windows 8 tablets and Chromebooks, have shot up in popularity and are expected to continue to grow.

It's good news, too, for Android, which retains its crown as most popular operating system across PCs, tablets, smartphones and notebooks; in second place comes Windows, while Apple's Mac OS and iOS software take third.

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