Google's Nexus 7 is sold out pretty much everywhere

Google Nexus 7
TechRadar and other sites can't locate a single retailer with the Nexus 7 in stock

The long-awaited Google Nexus 7 tablet has finally been released, a mere few weeks after its announcement at Google IO 2012, and already it's sold out at several major retailers.

The 16GB model is reportedly the most popular, being especially hard to find.

Demand for the flagship Android 4.1: Jelly Bean device has become too much for stores like GameStop, Staples, Sam's Club, Office Depot, and Costco, where none remain on the shelves.

Even online storefronts like B&H have reportedly moved all their stock of Nexus 7s.

Where can you buy the Nexus 7?

Gamestop reports that they "blew through the first two allotments" and expect another next month.

B&H notes that orders "will be filled in the order they are received," giving no hints as to exactly how long that could take.

Office Depot, Staples, Kmart, MobileCity, Sam's Club, and Currys PC World (in the UK) all report the Google Nexus 7 as "temporarily out of stock," "coming soon," or some other variation of "Nope, we don't have it."

But ZDNet claims that the 8GB Nexus 7 is available in Google's Play Store, and Google claims they're "shipping them as quickly as possible."

The 16GB model, on the other hands, won't ship sooner than a week or two from now, even from the Google Play Store, and Ebay is the only place for would-be Nexus 7 users to get one sooner.

TechRadar reached out to several local stores, including Best Buy, Fry's Electronics and Radio Shack, and every location reported that they don't yet carry the Nexus 7 at all.

Asus designed the Nexus 7 in only four months; hopefully it doesn't take that long for Google's most important Jelly Bean device to become widely available.

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