First UK movie to debut as an iPad app launches

First UK movie to debut as an iPad app launches
Movie gets some app-reciation

The Silver Goat has made it into the record books as the first UK movie to get its premiere on the iPad.

The movie, made by first-time director Aaron Brookner, has been released as an app on the App Store, which comes complete with the movie, behind-the-scenes photos, a trailer for the movie and some digital film posters.

Speaking about using the iPad to distribute the movie, Aaron Brookner, Director of The Silver Goat, said: "Making a film into an app presents filmmakers with a great opportunity to have direct contact with the audience of their film.

"It is a radical change that gives the audience access to additional content, the ability to share the movie in seconds, and with the amazing iPad screen and a good pair of headphones have a personal cinematic experience anywhere, anytime."

The idea is a shift away from what Hollywood has been trying out for some time, which is offering up a digital copy of a movie to play on an iPad but still push people to buy a Blu-ray or DVD at the same time.

Brighter future

It also shows that apps could well be the saviour of independent movie makers that don't have the budget to widely distribute their movies. This is something that Paula Vaccaro, Producer at Pinball London, agrees with.

"This is what a brighter future looks like for independent filmmakers," explained Vaccaro.

"This movie is all about exploration and innovation, but while it's the first UK film to be released as an iPad app it certainly won't be the last. Content doesn't need to be getting more expensive – releasing films as apps cuts down on distribution costs while also furthering the digital experience for the audience.

"It gives power back to the filmmakers. With our experience, we look forward to help many others who will certainly join what also looks like a distribution revolution."

You can get The Silver Goat from the App Store now, and if you are quick the movie/app is just £2.99. Full price will be £3.99.

Marc Chacksfield

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