BlackBerry PlayBook will definitely be upgraded to BB10

BlackBerry PlayBook
No, we haven't forgotten about you

BlackBerry 10 will arrive eventually on all PlayBook tablets, the company announced at the BB10 launch event on Wedneday.

And yes, it's just BlackBerry now - don't forget that Research in Motion is no more.

Wednesday's BlackBerry 10 event served to officially introduce the new OS and BB's new devices to the world, with simultaneous events going down in New York, Toronto, London, Johannesburg, New Delhi and Jakarta.

The BlackBerry PlayBook news was only one small part of a much bigger show, but no doubt there are some PlayBook users out there who are grateful they haven't been forgotten.

BlackBerry 10 on PlayBook

BB10's eventual arrival on PlayBooks is nothing new; Research in Motion (when it was still Research in Motion) confirmed as much last March, almost a year ago.

But it was great to hear on Wednesday that plan hadn't changed.

PCMag's Sascha Segan helped break the news on Twitter, and responses from other Twitter users ranged from the predictable "people still have/use those?" to outright beggin ("Please PLEASE! Make the BB Browser Fast!").

BlackBerry provided no time frame for the PlayBook's BB10 upgrade, and spokespeople for the company informed TechRadar that they have nothing more to share at this time.

BlackBerry 10 launch event

Wednesday was a day of revelations for BlackBerry fans, and the PlayBook BB10 reminder was probably least among them.

The newly-renamed company also launched BlackBerry 10 officially worldwide, finally unveiled the first BB10 handset, the BlackBerry Z10 (even confirming its UK release date as Jan. 31), and discussed the QWERTY-equipped BlackBerry Q10.

No doubt 2013 will prove an exciting year for BlackBerry and BlackBerry fans alike.

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