Asus Windows 8 tablets reportedly pegged from $599 - $1,299

Asus tablet pricing
Asus' leaked holiday pricing

It could be a rough holiday season for Asus if prices leaked for its lineup of Windows 8 tablets come to fruition.

In a spilled "holiday roadmap," ZDNet found out just how much the company plans to charge for the Asus Vivo Tab RT, Asus Vivo Tab and the notebook/tablet hybrid Asus Taichi.

The RT, model number TF600T, runs $599 (£368), while the Vivo Tab (model number TF810C) is a cool $799 (£491). Docking for both costs $199 (£122).

The Taichi, described as being "an innovative dual screen device," costs a whopping $1,299 (£799). The extra screen on the back of the laptop's lid really adds on cost.

By contrast, the new iPad 3 retails between $499 (£307) and $699 (£430) on Apple's online store.

What happened to comparable pricing?

Unfortunately for Asus, consumers may be turned off to devices that are priced to sell to businesses, not the average tablet buyer.

Jerry Shen, Asus' president, said in August the company would look to the iPad when it came up with the price points for its new tablets.

He did warn that a cheap Microsoft Surface tablet - due to go on sale Oct. 26 - would be insurmountable for his company, indicating Asus would aim for the higher end of the spectrum.

With these newly revealed prices, it looks like Shen's comments are becoming a reality.

Via ZDNet, Apple

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