MSI launches new AMD-powered Windows 7 tablet

New MSI WindPad runs Windows 7 and is powered by an AMD processor
New MSI WindPad runs Windows 7 and is powered by an AMD processor

MSI has launched its latest Windows 7 tablet PC, powered by AMD's new C-50 processor and AMD Radeon HD 9250 graphics at CeBit this week.

The MSI WindPad 110W boasts the latest low-power processor from AMD, in comparison with its predecessor, the MSI WindPad 100W, which sported an Intel Atom netbook CPU.

WindPad or iPad 2?

Of course, releasing a tablet PC in the same week that Apple is set to reveal its latest plans for iPad 2 might not be the best marketing move in the world, yet this is still one of the more interesting consumer tech products to emerge from CeBit in Hanover so far this week.

TechRadar expects to get a MSI WindPad 110W hands on very soon, with the manufacturer set to update us on UK pricing and release details shortly.

In the meantime, what we do know already is that the WindPad 110W features 1 USB port, an HDMI port to hook up to your HD TV at home, a rear-facing camera and a SIM card slot.

Screen size is 10.1 inch, with a 1024 x 600 pixel display running Windows 7 Home Premium, which can be controlled via capacitive touch buttons on the side, and an optical touchpad on the new WindPad.

MSI claims the tablet will run for up to eight hours, which we will test out when we get a unit in for review.

Adam Hartley