MSI's latest gaming laptops have the one port to rule them all

MSI GT72 Dominator

MSI has updated its lineup of gaming laptops and on top of the requisite Intel Skylake processor upgrade, the coolest feature by far is a new super port that does it all.

The refreshed MSI GS60 Ghost and GT72 Dominator come sporting a new port that combines the powers of USB Type C with Thunderbolt 3.

The I/O option takes the benefits of Thunderbolt 3 to allow these two gaming laptops to drive two 4K monitors and achieve data transfers speed greater than 800mb/s. At the same time, this port inherits the convenient reversible design of USB Type C and its ability to charge high-power devices with a three-amp current.

More power under the hood

Of course, there's more to MSI's newly minted gaming laptops. The GT72 Dominator Pro G can be outfitted with a high-end Intel i7-6820K processor

The new CPU supports overclocking up to 4GHz and thanks to Skylake's new constant overclocking capabilities, users can always expect the best performance possible at all times. MSI claims that the 6th generation chips offer up to 30% more performance (when overclocked) compared to Haswell CPUs.

MSI has also improved the illuminated keyboard on the GT72 Dominator and GS60 Ghost with a new Silver-Lining Print finish, which makes the edges of the keys clear. It's a small detail, but the multi-colored backlit keyboards on both machines look simply stunning and almost like candy.

Pricing has not been announced for these new gaming laptops, but you can be sure we'll get our hands on these bad boys soon for full reviews.

Kevin Lee

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