Lenovo unveils 11-inch Chromebooks with Yoga-like flexibility

Everyone's jumping on the Chromebook wagon

Lenovo has unveiled its first consumer Chromebooks, the N20 and N20p, catering for the low-end market.

Both models pack an 11.6-inch high-definition display, but the N20p also features a flexible keyboard that can bend back 300 degrees to form a stand, allowing users to watch videos or interact with the 10-point touchscreen.

The clamshell laptops feature an Intel Celeron processor, 16GB internal space, and 100GB of Google Drive space. They come with a full-sized keyboard, a large trackpad, and a palmrest.

They are just 17.9mm in thickness and weigh just 1.4kg. Battery life lasts up to eight hours.

A chromatic experience

Of course, the new models also pack Google's fast-booting Chrome operating system, which comes with built-in security and automatic updates in the background.

"Our first consumer Chromebooks perfectly complement people's changing mobile digital lifestyles," said Dilip Bhatia, VP of worldwide marketing and design of the PC Group at Lenovo.

"Equipped with thousands of apps, the N20 and N20p Chromebooks are also fast, secure and incredibly simple for anyone to use and manage. With touch and two unique modes on the N20p Chromebook, users are getting a great technology experience at a handsome price."

The N20 retails at $279 (£165, AU$300), while the N20p goes on sale for $329 (£195, AU$350). They will be available in July and August respectively.