Microsoft wants to make big changes to Windows 10's default apps

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Microsoft has committed to improving Windows 10’s default apps in a bid to bring the OS up to speed with more seamless desktop app ecosystems, like Apple’s macOS Big Sur

The company posted a job listing looking for software engineers capable of making the Windows 10 inbox apps the “best-in-class”, suggesting an acknowledgement of Windows 10’s poorly-designed default apps when compared to its competitors. 

One of the major responsibilities of the new software hires will be to deliver “app experiences that promote happiness and productivity on Windows.” Microsoft’s goal is to provide users with “well-crafted native apps that showcase the best of Windows platform and Fluent design.”

Details are scarce on exactly how Microsoft plans to implement these improvements, but it’s clear that the Windows 10 email system will be the first beneficiary of the company’s push to improve the overall usability of stock OS apps. Besides the inbox apps, Microsoft is also planning on making major changes to the taskbar, Start Menu, and Action Center of its desktop ecosystem. 

These changes are expected to come with the Windows 10 21H2 update — popularly known as the Windows 10 Sun Valley update — while further, more drastic app improvements are set to arrive with a more significant software update later in 2021. 

Good things come to those who wait

Unfortunately, the Windows 10 21H1 update could arrive much later than hoped, according to a comment made by a Microsoft engineer. 

“The Windows Release coming out this June 2021 has a new API that can disable KTM exploits”, the comment read, making reference to (we presume) the 21H1 update (since June falls in the first half of the year). 

Interestingly, since Windows Latest spotted the comment, it has been changed to read “an upcoming Windows Release”, removing the mention of June. 

It’s as yet unclear whether Microsoft’s commitment to improving its default Windows 10 apps will bear fruit in the next software update, whenever it arrives. In any case, the company’s recognition of its own shortcomings in the face of more user-friendly operating systems suggests big changes could be coming to Windows 10 in the near future.

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