Microsoft Teams' new AI-powered feature will let you enjoy distraction-free calls

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Video conferencing applications are the most important tools for communication during the new normal. Microsoft is now looking to add more AI-prowess to its Teams software that will enhance video calling experience by suppressing background noise.

The feature will be available for computers and laptops running Windows 10, 8.1 and 7 starting November 2020. With this update, it will let the users decide how much background noise they want to suppress when on calls.

While Microsoft Teams uses specially trained deep neural networks and artificial intelligence to analyze a user's audio, it already has an option to remove unwanted noise from the calls. However, the option to turn on “High” noise suppression in settings will be additional.

The roadmap , shared by Microsoft, also suggests that the new update will be available on a wide range of Windows 10 powered devices including desktops and laptops. Though Microsoft has not clarified if this feature will be available on Android or iOS devices nor has it specified a deadline to this. All we know is that some users will be able to experience this additional feature next month.

Popular video conferencing tool - Zoom already has a similar feature in place that automatically filters out background noise, however, it also allows the users to decide between the amount of noise they want to let in by offering three different choices low, medium or high.

On the other hand, Google Meet allows you to even filter out distracting sounds like a dog barking in the neighbourhood, pen-clicking, typing noise while trying to make notes of the discussion, a creaking of the sound of a door, or any other random noise. Google Meet has this feature available for both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Additionally, Microsoft 365 Roadmap shows that the company is working on a slew of features such as updating the status to “out of office” and allowing the presenter to customize how the content shows up for attendees and more.

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