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Microsoft accidentally reveals huge changes coming to Windows 10

Windows 10
(Image credit: Shutterstock)

It looks like Microsoft is planning some big improvements for Windows 10, with a new job posting revealing that the company is looking for a Software Engineering Manager for its Application connectivity team, which is a role that will focus on improving existing Windows 10 features, as well as working on the upcoming Windows 10X operating system for dual-screen devices.

So, what’s in store? In the job listing, which was spotted by Windows Latest, the job posting lists one of the major responsibilities as “Improving the performance of the Windows Indexer enabling end-users to rapidly find their files and information.”.

This could mean that Microsoft is looking to overhaul the way Windows 10 indexes files on a PC, hopefully making it faster – and more reliable – to search for files, folders and applications, in Windows 10.

Windows 10’s current way of searching isn’t great – sometimes taking a while to complete, and causing some PCs to slow down – so any improvements here will be very welcome.

Better notifications

Another responsibility for the person taking up the role will be to “Improve reliability of Windows Notification system to support the needs of Xbox, Mobile devices and achieve ‘dial-tone’ reliability.”.

Again, this suggests that Microsoft will be improving how notifications are handled in Windows 10, and improve support for a wide range of apps to display messages to users.

Support for cloud-clipboard is also being worked on, it seems, which will allow for quick and easy sharing of files between devices.

Windows 10’s search and notifications features are two of its most-used features, and two of the features that could do with the most improvements, in our view, so hopefully we’ll see some big changes to Windows 10 coming soon.