Make your kids’ ears light up with this exclusive holiday discount

Most headphones are boring. We know, we’ve seen them. The all-black kind with no cat ears? Despicable. The best headphones on the market have cat ears, we’ve seen them for ourselves. What’s more, they light up, so you know you’re in for a treat. Where do you find cat ear-clad over-the-ear headphones, you ask?

Well, the MindKoo Unicat wireless headphones are exactly that. And, like the name suggests, they’re wireless. Also headphones.

Did we mention they have cat ears on them? These are the most stylish companions for your kids and their devices because, look, we know it’s the 21st century and every kid has a smartphone or tablet now. But, honestly, does their smartphone or tablet have Bluetooth headphones as fanciful as these?

The MindKoo Unicat wireless headphones aren't Beats headphones but they are more than a simple pair of solid-sounding cans, though: they can also be used as controllers for compatible devices, particularly smartphones. Your kids can learn about phone etiquette, leveraging easy-to-use inputs that are built into the headset itself. Likewise, they can manage their music and switch between four different lighting modes.

More specifically, the four lighting modes your child can pick from are:

This gives your kid the freedom of customization. And, if they like that enough, perhaps one day they will wind up a fine user of open-source software. Just bear in mind that, with the lights on, you’re signing up for 5 hours of uninterrupted high quality audio consumption, whereas once they’re off, that number gets bumped up to 8 hours of crystal clear-sounding noise.

That’s right, MindKoo promises its Unicat wireless headphones exhibit the ideal balance between high- and mid-tones in addition to delivering unparalleled deep bass action. None of this would be practical without the inclusion of Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, though, which the Unicat wireless headphones cheerfully boast.

Further on, these headphones come in multiple colors – four to be exact. Those are, according to their creator, White, Black, Pink and Hot Pink. And, as well all know, all great products come in two different shades of pink. Don’t worry about sizing either, as the MindKoo Unicat wireless headphones will adhere to any skull, regardless of which color you opt for. 

Here’s where the best news comes in: these headphones are lavish when it comes to features, but they’re dirt cheap in price. They typically run about $35.99, but until November 30, Mindkoo is offering an exclusive discount for TechRadar readers looking to up the ante for their kids’ sound. Whether they’re jamming out to Kidz Bop or Pink Floyd, that’s a total cost of $23.39 on Amazon with the code 72DMDJQD right now.

Again, you only have until the next couple of weeks to take advantage of this enticing deal, so do it while it counts. There’s a 12-month warranty included, too, in case anything goes wrong (which it shouldn’t). Mindkoo’s customer support is fast to respond, as the company promises that you’ll hear back within 24 hours should anything go awry.

If you’re ready to give your kid or a relative/family friend’s kid what they didn’t know they wanted this holiday, the MindKoo Unicat wireless headphones are an excellent stocking stuffer. Better yet, you don’t even need to wait until Black Friday to score them on sale. 

By visiting MindKoo, you will be redirected to a page that prominently features an Amazon promotional code for 35% off any pair of MindKoo Unicat wireless headphones. That’s virtually a steal, so act now while supplies last, else you’ll be full of regret this holiday. Regret and eggnog, but mostly regret. If after all that, you’re not sold yet, here’s a video of the Unicat wireless headphones in action.