LG G6 may come in an iPhone 7-like jet black color

Following on from leaked press shots and prototypes, we may have just seen a near-final version of the LG G6 out in the wild, and it’s sporting a shiny, iPhone 7-inspired color scheme.

The image, which was sent to Business Insider by “a source”, shows the G6 in a glossy jet black shade, though it’s not clear whether it’s made from glass or metal, and we’ve heard rumors pointing in both directions.

Other than the color scheme, and the fact that it looks like a finished handset, this matches the design of previous leaks we’ve seen, including dual rear cameras, with a fingerprint scanner just below them.

Imitating the iPhone in more than just color

The cameras could potentially be used to recreate the blurred background bokeh effect that the iPhone 7 Plus is capable of, though this may just be speculation.

At this point, the features and specs of the camera are among the few things we don’t have a good idea of, with leaks and in some cases even official reveals suggesting that the LG G6 will have Snapdragon 821 chipset and a 5.7-inch QHD display with an 18:9 aspect ratio, but no modules.

Everything else should be revealed soon, as the phone’s launch is set for February 26, just before MWC 2017 kicks off.

James Rogerson

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