Let Google pick your perfect Android theme using this quiz

Touchscreen, oblong casing, perhaps a fingerprint scanner or a dual camera system – smartphones can look quite similar on the outside, which is why we spend so long customizing them on the inside.

But with so many options to pick from – especially on the open Android OS – landing on the precise home screen, icon pack and wallpaper to suit your needs can be a long process or trial, error and thumb-twiddling.

With customization such a big part of the Android experience, Google is looking to make landing on the perfect home screen for its users even easier with a the MyAndroid quiz.

Questions, questions, questions

By answering a series of A - B questions, Google reckons it can land on a home screen perfect for your needs in just a few minutes, without you having to trawl wallpaper sites, icon collections or launcher options.

Giving you choices between different color schemes, pattern styles, animated or static looks and... whether or not you think a beachside holiday snap looks like tanned legs or hot dogs, the quiz then offers you three looks tailored to your answers, ready to be downloaded directly for free.

It's not perfect – the honeycomb wallpaper we were offered was a bit in-your-face, while another was a bit cluttered-looking considering we'd opted for a "minimal" look earlier on. 

But offering direct downloads to the wallpapers, icon packs, launchers and keyboards, it's a great starting off point from which to customize your phone even further. 

Give it a go here.

Gerald Lynch

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