Leica CL gets a makeover with a new Urban Jungle model

Leica CL Urban Jungle
Image credit: YouTube

If any manufacturer has a tradition of producing cameras with understated style, it's Leica. From its long-loved M series rangefinders to its most recent Q2 compact, subtlety and blending into the background is key.

But the brand clearly feels it can go one better on the blending-in front, in the shape of a new special-edition camo-clad version of its CL compact system camera that's set to be with us shortly.

The model, which has been designed in collaboration with French-Italian photographer Jean Pigozzi, is based on the original CL that was released two years ago. 

While the internals are the same as before – a 24.2MP APS-C sensor, EyeRes viewfinder and Maestro processor being the key components – the new arrival bears an urban camouflage pattern on its leather body covering, which previously was a plain black.

Leica has made a short video introducing the camera, which you can watch below:

It arrives with a new grey rope strap to match the body's styling, and comes complete with the teeny pancake-like Elmarit-TL 18 mm f/2.8 ASPH. lens, which gives the user an effective focal length of 27mm to work with in 35mm terms.

As with the CL, the camera can also work with further TL prime and zoom lenses, as well as SL-series objectives, although using it with the L adapter opens up the opportunity to use decades' worth of older optics designed for the company's more established M and R lines.

Keen? The camera goes on sale on June 25 in Leica stores and boutiques, but you'll have to get in there sharpish, as only 150 of these are set to be produced. As is the case with many Leica cameras, you'll also have to be fairly flush, with its $3,950 / £3,300 / $AU6,000 asking price making it fairly costly for an APS-C camera.