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Latest Dragon Age 4 tease almost guarantees an imminent reveal

(Image credit: BioWare)

BioWare really knows how to keep us balancing on a knife edge when it comes to Dragon Age 4 – but it looks like an official reveal is closer than ever.

Earlier this month the developer announced that, to celebrate the series' 10th anniversary, a celebration event will be taking place on December 4 – aka Dragon 4ge Day – leading fans to hope that an official Dragon Age 4 reveal could be part of the celebrations.

And a new tease by BioWare has only added fuel to the fire, essentially guaranteeing that a reveal is imminent.

Time for tea?

BioWare's latest tease comes in the form of a tweet to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Dragon Age: Inquisition. The tweet shows a letter from Dragon Age's Solas to the Inquisitor, suggesting "Tea Soon?".

Check it out below:

It doesn't seem like much but we know from Dragon Age 4's teaser trailer that Solas plays a big role in Dragon Age 4 – the Elf may even be the main antagonist. 

This tweet definitely seems to be teasing something. Either that or BioWare loves to make us suffer.

We're hoping BioWare will shed some light on the game soon – particularly as there have been rumors it will follow in Anthem's footsteps and be a live service title. It seems all will be officially revealed on December 4.