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iTunes could close in the next few days

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We've been expecting Apple to close iTunes for a while now, in order to divide it into different apps, and it looks like the tech company is putting the ball in motion, suggesting we'll see the new face of Apple's media plan at WWDC 2019

As noticed by Reddit user u/MalteseAppleFan,  the iTunes Instagram account has had all its content deleted – in addition the iTunes Twitter account hasn't been updated in nearly a week as of writing, and all posts on iTunes' Facebook page have also been removed.

We've heard Apple is planning to replace iTunes with Apple Music, and presumably iTunes' other content would be moved to Apple's other platforms, such as Apple TV Plus.

Shuttering iTunes' social media accounts would make sure consumers only followed the accounts of iTunes' newer apps, so Apple's steps to do so suggest we could hear news of iTunes' closure in the next few days. The iTunes Twitter and Instagram accounts already point towards the Apple TV accounts, so this move could already be in motion.

Apple's week-long developer conference WWDC 2019 begins on June 3, and we're expecting Apple to announce its new software and hardware upgrades like iOS 13 , MacOS 10.15, WatchOS 6 and more. TechRadar will be on the ground reporting for the whole week, so stay tuned to find out the future of Apple.

Via Appleinsider

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