iOS 11 tipped to offer smarter battery modes and clever payments

It’s a little over a month now until Apple's annual developer showcase, WWDC 2017, which takes place on June 5 in San Jose, and if Apple follows its usual format we're expecting it to announce the features for its new iOS 11 operating system.

That doesn’t stop us from wanting every little bit of information we can get our hands on in the meantime, which explains why we're excited about the post from Reddit user cyanhat shared by Redmond Pie

In the now-deleted post, cyanhat revealed a list of features that iOS 11 will supposedly have, including peer-to-peer payments, an automatic low-power mode and a switch to FaceTime Audio as the standard calling mode.

New features

The peer-to-peer payments will apparently happen either in an updated Wallet app (which is to be renamed Pay) and will feature a social feed and integration with iMessage, meaning you'll be able to make payments using Apple’s messaging app.

FaceTime Audio is now reportedly going to replace cellular calling as the standard calling method between Apple devices. This would be an unsurprising move, given that iMessage has already effectively done the same thing in iOS already, replacing the SMS as the standard message between Apple devices. 

According to cyanhat, low-power mode is now going to be more intelligent; it will learn your habits for using low-power mode and will create a schedule to automatically put itself into low-power mode. 

It will also be geographically adaptive, so if you want to be in low-power mode whenever away from your house, iOS will automatically make those changes for you.

As this is only a (deleted) Reddit post and we haven’t found previous solid leaks from this user, there's no guarantee any of these features will come to fruition, but they do follow the pattern of previous rumors surrounding iOS 11. 

Regardless, we don’t have long now to wait until we hear all about from iOS 11 from the horse’s mouth. If you want to know everything we know so far, check out our iOS 11 release date, news and rumors page.

Andrew London

Andrew London is a writer at Velocity Partners. Prior to Velocity Partners, he was a staff writer at Future plc.