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Yahoo beats Google in traffic one year after Marissa Mayer takes over

Yahoo beats Google
Taking down her former employer harder than last week's Google outage
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Not only does Yahoo still exist, more people in the U.S. visited the Marissa Mayer-helmed search engine portal than Google sites in July, according to the most recent internet traffic numbers.

Yahoo sites eked out a win by scoring 196,564,000 visits last month, making its properties the top internet destination when combined, according to analytics company comScore.

Google, which includes YouTube traffic, walked away with second place and 192,251,000 visits after having dominated the top spot since May 2011. That's the last time Yahoo was No. 1.

These numbers are from July, so Google's 5-minute outage last week didn't affect its performance.

The fact that it happened in July also means that Yahoo's growth comes one year after Marissa Mayer took over as CEO on July 17, 2012.

Tumblr wasn't to credit

Mayer's purchase of Tumblr for $1.1 billion didn't have anything to do with Yahoo's rise to the top, according to comScore.

"Nope, Tumblr is not currently included in the Yahoo! Sites roll-up," a spokesperson told TechRadar.

So, even though the comScore list had an asterisk next to Tumblr at No. 28 with the message "Entity has assigned some portion of traffic to other syndicated entities," it didn't end up benefiting Yahoo.

"This is not a factor at all," said the spokesperson. "You can disregard that footnote as it pertains to Tumblr in this instance."

That means Tumblr's 38,367,000 visits are only going to benefit Yahoo in the future when comScore does merge Tumbr's figures into Yahoo's totals.

That and Yahoo's new daily logo scheme might keep in No. 1 in the future.

Matt Swider
Matt Swider