UK Broadband speeds are fastest at 4am, survey claims

UK Broadband speeds are fastest at 4am, survey claims
...And the fastest speeds are just before dawn

Usually, the only things tweeting at 4am are particularly boisterous birds, but some Brits may want to join them in order to experience their home broadband connection at maximum velocity.

New data from uSwitch claims that broadband speeds in the UK reach their fastest at 4am, long after most folks have hit the hay and well before unburdened souls are reaching for their laptops or smartphones.

According to the survey, which monitored 2.3m speed tests over the last year in order to glean its results, the average speed achieved by pre-dawn night owls is a rather swift 14.83Mbps.

However, that drops 28 per cent to just 10.72Mbps in peak-times from 9pm, when most folks have finished their dinner and are through catching up with Corrie and Eastenders.

Shop around

The findings won't be that much of a surprise to most users who employ the 'more users online equals less capacity to go around' logic.

However, uSwitch reckons the results will explain, to a certain degree, why most customers never actually see the speeds promised by their ISP.

"It certainly explains why some people may never actually feel like their connection is as fast as the one promised by providers when they signed up.

"The obvious solution of setting your alarm at 4am to use the internet is far from practical. Instead, run an online speed test at home to check that you are getting the best possible service available in your area. If you think you could do better, consider shopping around for a new deal."

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