Heads up, football fans: Classic NFL games are coming to YouTube


YouTube and the National Football League (NFL) have renewed a partnership deal that will bring full-length classic football games to the online video platform.

The historic games will be posted to the NFL's YouTube channel before the start of the new season, which kicks off on September 8. "Three of the most memorable games" for all 32 NFL teams will be up for viewing.

While the joint release didn't mention any specific match ups, we anticipate games like the 1982 NFC Championship game between the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers - famous for The Catch - are what's in store.

Catch highlights

In addition to classic games, the NFL will also post game highlights immediately to the service, even while games are still in progress. It's not as nice as a live broadcast, but the league wants viewers to stay glued to their TV screens, so it's not unexpected.

The NFL has been tepid about letting fans watch games on different platforms, only offering a $99 per season Game Pass subscription for those who want to see them on different devices.

The NFL only started its YouTube channel in January of last year, posting analysis, clips, recaps and a bunch of "best of" compilations. The channel currently has nearly 900 million video views, and it seems the NFL can't afford to ignore the fact that its fans are consuming content on something called the internet.

Lewis Leong
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