Free Partridge? Kiss My Face! Blinkbox offers pilots to tackle Lovefilm, Netflix

Blinkbox offers 'try before you buy' TV series to counter Netflix and Lovefilm
A little Modern Family on the house

Tesco-owned video on demand platform Blinkbox is offering free episodes of popular television series in a try-before-you-buy capacity.

The 'Try TV on Us' offering brings first episode access to 28 hit shows including The Wire, True Blood, The Following, Modern Family, Sons of Anarchy, The West Wing and I'm Alan Partridge.

The promotion, which could boost Blinkbox's challenge to the likes of all-you-can-eat subscription services like Lovefilm and Netflix, encapsulates programming from HBO, BBC, 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros..

The on site, voucher code is valid to August 19 and gives users the chance to sample a show before splashing out on the entire series.

Choice cuts

"Great TV continues to be one of our biggest obsessions and the fuel for many conversations," eulogised Blinkbox CEO Michael Comish.

"There's more choice than ever before thanks to services like ours and our insights told us that customers relished the opportunity to try TV before committing to purchase. After all, life's too short to watch something that you're just not into.

"We think you should be able to enjoy great TV all year round, anytime and anywhere, not just when programmes are scheduled. We're confident that we have the best selection of great TV, so offering a taster for free seems like a good way to introduce people to our service. We're delighted to say be able to say 'try TV on us.'"

New users taking advantage of the offer will have to sign up for a free Blinkbox account, but then they're all set for a little free TV until the 19th of next month.