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Foursquare launches Promoted Updates

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Foursquare's new feature advertises local business

Foursquare has launched a new Promoted Updates feature that it hopes will boost revenue.

The new feature comes after the launch of Local Updates last week which allows businesses to push updates to users who have liked them or checked in regularly.

Promoted Updates appear based upon location, time of day and what sort of places you've been visiting. Foursquare says that this will make the ads as relevant as possible.

Seek and ye shall find ads

Users worried about being bombarded with ads may be reassured to know that the Promoted Updates only appear when opening the Explore tab. The idea is that you're already looking for something interesting nearby, and the Promoted Updates will sit at the top of the list.

Businesses using the service can also attach a timely message to their updates – offering promotions or perhaps tempting people in with the dish of the day.

To start with, Promoted Updates is running as a pilot with only around 20 businesses including The Gap, Walgreens and Best Buy currently involved, but expect that to change soon.

Via AllThingsD