BBFC working on 'traffic light' system allowing public to rate online video

BBFC working on 'traffic light' system allowing public to rate online video
Warning lights coming to VOD clips?

Unless its slapped with a big ol' NSFW label, it's sometimes difficult to know the suitability of the video content you're about to watch when clicking 'play' online.

The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), which rates film, game and DVD releases in the UK, wants to ease those worries by setting up a traffic lights warning system for internet video.

The organisation has joined forces with Dutch media regulator NICAM in an attempt to label user-generated content that wouldn't usually come under the BBFC's jurisdiction.

The system would give the public, as well as the user uploading the footage, the opportunity to apply coloured ratings to advise potential viewers on the content they will encounter.

Cultural sensitivities

The Guardian reports that one Italian broadcaster has agreed to trial the scheme, which could be tailored differently to suit the cultural nuances and sensitivities of each nation.

The BBFC currently has no influence on ratings for online video, but content providers can request ratings from the group, as Netflix recently did for House of Cards.

Do you think such a system would help avoid those frenzied clicks of the X button in the office during your lunch break? Let us know in the comments section below.

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