Unsigned indie bands find fame with 7digital

7 Digital's indiestore is helping to launch the careers of loads of unsigned bands
7 Digital's indiestore is helping to launch the careers of loads of unsigned bands
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7digital indiestore celebrates its second birthday and its successful ‘bedroom to billboard’ campaign this week, with more than 50,000 unsigned and independent artists now selling their music through this superb service.

7digital indiestore (opens in new tab) “empowers unsigned and independent artists to sell their MP3 music direct to fans online” and sells itself as an easy and cheap way for unsigned bands to sell their music online, at whichever pricing level they want.

Building a community of fans

Several artists have secured positions in the UK Top 40 through indiestore download sales, such as Koopa - the first unsigned band ever to enter the UK Top 40 - who reached number 31 with their single Blag, Steal & Borrow.

Davey Macmanus from the band Crimea notes that they have: “built a great community of fans through our social networking sites, which we could capitalise on by using indiestore to sell our digital downloads. indiestore makes it easy for our fans to listen to and buy tracks online. We can also reach fans across the world and not just the UK, which is vital to any online music community.”

Deal makers

A number of bands including Envy and Other Sins, Mancini, Glasvegas and others have established considerable indiestore fan bases which have then lead to major record deals.

“7digital indiestore has gone from strength-to-strength since we launched two years ago, providing a powerful, flexible and cost-effective platform for unsigned and independent artists to sell DRM free MP3 music to a worldwide audience,” comments Tejas Mistry, Project Manager at 7digital indiestore.

“The message is clear to new bands that you can now get your music heard in new ways and reach new audiences without the need for huge marketing budgets previously associated with the music industry. indiestore bands are promoted alongside big name acts such as Kylie and Madonna on 7digital.com also, which significantly increases their exposure and reach.”

7digital indiestore host monthly live nights every month to showcase independent music. You can see more on those events right here.