Twitter unveils censorship fightback

Twitter looking to making its tweets accessible to all

Twitter is looking into ways to stop the site coming under the same censorship problems as Google and hopes to make itself completely non-sanitised.

According to Chief Executive Evan Williams, who was speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Twitter will take the stance of not trying to reason with the censor but carry on regardless.

"We are partially blocked in China and other places and we were in Iran as well," Evans said to journalists at the event.

"The most productive way to fight that is not by trying to engage China and other governments whose very being is against what we are about."

Technological ways

There was no news on just how Twitter would evade the censors, but as the Iran Elections showed freedom of speech via Twitter was paramount to the way the election was perceived in the western media.

Evans did note that there is "technological ways" to blind-side the censors. Maybe he can let Google know just what he means by this.