PlayStation Network tops Google's fastest rising searches

PSN - search topping
PSN - search topping

Sony's PlayStation Network took the honour of Google's fastest rising search term in the UK this week, beating off controversial X Factor contestant Chloe Mafia, X Factor guest judge Nicole Scherzinger and the returning BBC series Spooks.

Generally TechRadar needs to seek out the root cause of the rising searches due to not being quite as celeb-savvy as some of the public, so it's a delight to have a tech story at the top.

The PSN's scheduled maintenance and resulting downtime appears to be the most straightforward reason for it shooting to the top of the charts. That and a new firmware update brought with it the promise of 3D Blu-ray integration.

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Aside from the X Factor fever that's oozing into our searches, the Great North Run picked up third spot, Nationwide Building Society hit 6th position and game/creation engine Minecraft picked up 7th spot.

London Fashion Week made an entrance, albeit a surprisingly low one, but our favourite entry is at number 20 – right at the foot of our rankings.

That entry is the word 'eat' but we cannot for the life of us decide if this is referring to a restaurant chain, the first word of Julia Roberts' latest romcom bleurgh or if people were just hungry.

This week's fastest rising London searches

1. playstation network
2. chloe mafia
3. great north run
4. nicole scherzinger
5. spooks
6. nationwide building society
7. minecraft
8. notw
9. telegraph fantasy football
10. x factor
11. wwe
12. ps3
13. messi
14. the mail
15. fantasy premier league
16. orange email
17. london fashion week
18. cne
19. iraq goals
20. eat

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