Martha Lane Fox calls for Govt tech 'revolution'

Martha Lane Fox calls for a 'revolution' in the way the UK government works online
Martha Lane Fox calls for a 'revolution' in the way the UK government works online

Martha Lane Fox, the UK's 'digital champion', has called for a 'revolution' in the way the Government works online.

Lane Fox outlines how the Government can save money by shifting more of its affairs online, while improving the level of service on offer to the public.

The digital champion has said that the Directgov website should be redesigned in order to improve the ease of access to Government services and to make it easier for Brits to make payments online.

£2 billion savings

If the Government was able to move half of its contacts with the public online, it could make savings of over £2 billion a year, claims Lane Fox.

"Government should take advantage of the more open, agile and cheaper digital technologies to deliver simpler and more effective digital services to users, particularly to disadvantaged groups who are some of the heaviest users of government services," said Ms Lane Fox.

"But this is just the beginning. The Government must look at more dramatic measures — such as syndicating and opening up information and services to other organisations — to be able to offer genuine improvements to consumers, taxpayers, business and citizens in the UK."

Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude added: "There is no excuse for not making quality online services the default solution for people needing Government services.

"This does not mean we will abandon groups that are less likely to access the internet. We recognise that we cannot leave anyone behind. Every single government service must be available to everyone — no matter if they are online or not."

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Adam Hartley